About Us

Welcome to The Metaphysical Zone, a captivating realm where art, spirituality, and healing intertwine, curated by Melissa Stertz. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Melissa's journey of self-expression and creativity began at an early age, crafting her own Barbie doll clothes and nurturing a lifelong passion for artistic exploration.

Melissa's path took her from competitive figure skating at the tender age of six to becoming a well-rounded athlete involved in sports throughout high school, earning a varsity letter in gymnastics. Balancing her athletic pursuits, she delved into the world of retail while pursuing her education at Saddleback Community College.

In 1989, Melissa returned to the vibrant city of West Hollywood, where she experienced the allure of the entertainment industry firsthand. As an extra in movies and music videos, as well as a seat filler at prestigious award shows, she gained invaluable insights into the magic behind the scenes.

With a deep-rooted passion for fashion and design, Melissa's journey led her to the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles in 2002. Drawing inspiration from legendary figures such as Christian Dior, Yves St. Laurent, Chanel, and Edith Head, she developed a design aesthetic influenced by the timeless elegance of classic movies from the 1940s to the 1960s.

While Melissa's journey in the fashion world was exhilarating, her spiritual beliefs started tugging her towards a different path. After her tenure at Nordstrom at the Grove, she embarked on a new adventure, making Las Vegas her home in 2003. There, she pursued her passion for fashion as a certified fashion stylist, honing her skills at the renowned School of Style. Melissa had the privilege of interning for stylist Law Roach, working on projects such as the Zendaya Covergirl Commercial. She further showcased her styling expertise by collaborating with Dana White, the esteemed owner of UFC, for an Esquire Magazine article and a Modelo Beer Commercial.

As her horizons expanded, Melissa embraced various roles as an independent contractor, engaging in conventions, trade shows, events, transportation, and even tour guiding. However, it was during the lockdown of 2020 that she stumbled upon a transformative discovery: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) by Dolores Cannon. Fascinated by this modality, Melissa embarked on a journey of exploration, becoming a certified QHHT practitioner in 2021 and achieving level 2 in 2023. Specializing in soul trauma and past life regression therapy, she immerses herself as a reporter, investigator, and researcher of all realms of the paranormal, the extraordinary, UFOs, and forgotten knowledge.

Amidst these profound experiences, Melissa discovered solace and artistic expression through abstract fluid art. Guided by various YouTube channels and her own tenacity, she self-taught the art of creating captivating acrylic fluid art pieces. Displaying her artwork at numerous art and craft shows, she found profound inspiration in the breathtaking beauty of the desert southwest, capturing its essence through her photography.

Melissa's artistic endeavors intertwine seamlessly with her metaphysical beliefs and spirituality. Infusing her artwork with divine energy channeled through her during the creative process, she imbues each piece with a touch of sparkle and explores the possibility of incorporating additional elements in the future. Through the power of digital technology, Melissa shares her art and photography with the world, offering acrylic and canvas prints, merchandise, and clothing.

At The Metaphysical Zone, Melissa wholeheartedly embraces the power of metaphysics and spirituality, recognizing that everything is energy. As a dedicated quantum healing hypnosis practitioner, she devotes herself to assisting others on their path towards physical and emotional wellness, specializing in past life information and profound healing experiences.

Melissa Stertz invites you to join her on a journey of beauty, art, and profound self-discovery, as she continues to explore the extraordinary and shares her unique vision with the world, guided by her motto: "Love heals all things."